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People Think London Is Where The Jobs Are, And That Will Keep The Capital At The Top Of The Tree


People in London are more confident about their job prospects than anywhere else in the UK, a new survey has found, showing that the capital retains its draw when it comes to employment prospects. 

LinkedIn found that 68% of Londoners were optimistic about their career prospects, compared to 61% across the rest of the country.

Oxford Economics data shows that London is further away from “normal” than other UK cities, when looking at metrics like workplace and retail mobility, coronavirus cases and unemployment. Londoners are returning to work more slowly than in other parts of the country because of the reliance of workers in the city on public transport, and the continued fear of contracting the virus on the train, bus and tube, the data showed.

But LinkedIn’s data indicates that London remains the place where people think their career is most likely to advance, which will keep on attracting workers to the city. The company’s survey found that easing of lockdowns and a return to normality had increased people’s positive sentiment. 

“As the economy reopens and people start getting back to doing the things they love, people are feeling more optimistic about their job prospects, and companies are hiring again,” LinkedIn UK Country Manager Janine Chamberlin said.

London was also the city where people who were furloughed or unemployed were most confident about finding another job. 

The growing confidence of employees is being matched by employers. LinkedIn said that hiring in April 2021 was 22% up on April 2020.