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Survey: How Can Developers Build Trust With Communities Ahead Of Major Schemes?

Placemaking is a key element of all major new developments today. But as well as creating a scheme that appeals to potential tenants and investors, developers have to engage with the most important group of all: the local community where the new scheme will be created. That includes local residents, businesses and politicians.

For a long time, this process has not gone well. Fear and mistrust exist between parties that have become oppositional instead of working together. Communities often think developers only care about money. Developers often think anyone who complains is a NIMBY. As a result, cities don’t get the housing and commercial space they need.

Bisnow wants to get your thoughts on how London and other major cities can move past this situation. How should developers engage with communities? How should affordable housing be treated?

Please take a couple of minutes to fill out this survey.

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