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10 London-Based Property Tech Companies You Need To Know About Right Now

London is the #PropTech capital of the world, with new startups being seeded every week in digital enclaves across the capital. We take a look at 10 of the coolest, snappiest, cutting-edgiest tech out there: From matching landlords to tenants, designing office space without an architect, finding off-market deals without laborious research, and ensuring your building is sustainable as well as smart, here is the technology to have at hand.


Lendinvest pairs investors with short-term mortgage finance opportunities and says it has lent about £700M to borrowers. The company raised  £22M in June 2015, £17M in March 2016, and £40M in May 2016.  

Wilde Rooms allows online shoppers to select clothing, then try the items on—either at a customer's home or a London Wilde Room. Buy what you like, and Wilde Rooms returns the rest. For retailers, the service could dramatically reduce returns.

OfficeRnD allows customers to plan a co-working space without having to employ a designer or architect. The company is active at half a dozen co-working offices around London, including Runway East, Rainmaking Loft, and Launch 22.

Land Insight helps developers locate land in England and Wales, identifies the current owner, assesses the value, and compares it to nearby sites. The company has already bagged big-name clients like Cushman & Wakefield, Savills and Anthology.


Candarin Home student accommodation service aims to help international students settle into their London-based homes. A kind of personal concierge, it helps students select appropriate properties, finds roommates with the same interests, manages bills, gets internet installed, and even picks up students from the airport to deliver them safely at their new student digs.

Urban Intelligence provides research tools for use in the preparation of planning applications. The tool gives planners the ability to research the policies relevant to any given development proposal in minutes, using a simple form, with the potential to eliminate days of manual documentary research. Urban Intelligence won the University College London (UCL) Advances Idea Accelerator Bright Ideas Award 2015.

Rialto provides commercial landlords, developers and agents with a real-time view on leasing activities, viewings and asset performance. The company already has several blue-chip clients. 


Hubble matches landlords and tenants of flexible office space in London, similar to Airbnb.

Asset Mapping provides real-time visualization of a building's infrastructure to make building management more efficient.

Fixflo allows tenants to report problems and landlords to schedule repairs.

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