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Houston-Area Zoo Is For Sale

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Clint Wolston, the 80-year-old owner of Bayou Wildlife Zoo, is retiring. He wants to sell his zoo to an interested buyer for $7M, according to Realty News Report. What will the money get you? An 80-acre parkland that houses 500 exotic birds and animals and draws more than 90,000 visitors a year. Wolston has stipulated that the new owner should continue to operate the facility as a place for the public. The zoo employs 10 people and takes in about a million dollars a year, turning about a 30% profit. 

The zoo is home to giraffes, kangaroos, alligators, ostriches, zebras, white rhinoceroses, gaur cattle, ring-tailed lemurs, Bactrian camels, Pere David deer and addaxes. 

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