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Renovated Alley Theatre Reopens Saturday!


The Alley Theatre’s nearly $47M in renovations are done. It’s the first time in the 47 years since it opened (think they intentionally allotted $1M for each year it’s been around?) that the theater has received a major refresh.

Construction began in 2014, and changes were made to nearly all aspects of the theater including new seating in the Hubbard theater (the larger of the Alley’s two), new central air/heating for the building, expansion of backstage areas and relocation of the stage to create a more intimate atmosphere.

The three-phase project is funded by the Alley’s $73M Extended Engagement Capital Campaign, which plans to begin the $16.5M final phase for endowment and savings later this year. Studio Red principal Pete Ed Garrett, known for his work on Houston’s theaters, spearheaded design.

You can go check out the new 21st century look yourself—its grand opening party this Saturday is open to the public. [HBJ]