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Remembering Astroworld

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In honor of its birthday (debuting June 1, 1968), we asked you for your favorite memories of Astroworld. We got a nice variety of responses—Lincoln Property Co property manager Faith Galvan particularly remembers visiting in the summer of ’98, shortly after moving to Houston. Her then 9-year-old daughter convinced her “chicken mom” (Faith’s words, not ours) to ride the Viper, an upside-down roller coaster. By the end of the day, they both were riding up front with their hands up. Comerica Bank SVP Mike Hammond has more aquatic recollections; he loved piloting the boat on the River of No Return, and then getting soaked on the Bamboo Shoot log ride. And Weitzman Group’s Ian Pierce didn’t need rides to have a great time—his favorite memory was seeing R-E-M at the park’s auditorium. (It’s like the band was made for theme park concerts—it's full of “Shiny Happy People” hyped on “Orange Crush” and doing a lot of “Stand”ing.)

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