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JLL's Flag Football for Charity

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JLL held its first annual Houston employee co-ed flag football frenzy this Tuesday. (JLL executive chairman/former Cowboys QB Roger Staubach made the journey down from Dallas for the big game—a recent calf injury kept him benched, but he threw warmups to both teams.) Forty JLL-ers raised money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and then went head to head in a bone-crushing gridiron competition. The Red team won, 34-27. The local employees raised $2,000, and some of JLL’s top brokers matched it to donate $4,000. Pictured, JLL’s Matt Sanderson, Laurel Chick, Louis Rosenthal, Penny Knickel, Ronnie Deyo, Paula Licona, Roger Staubach, Chris Burns, John Harcrow, and Trey Kline.