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IREM's Food Fest

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We were pleased to judge the IREM Food Fest last night, where 18 real estate companies submitted “anything on a stick” in fierce competition. We snapped Weingarten regional property manager Jennifer Roeser and Platinum Parking’s Stana Ocokoljic manning their booth. Weingarten’s Liz Baez and Karen Lancaster also helped prepare steak chimichurri on a stick (marinated 36 hours in homemade chimnichurri sauce) with grilled bell pepper and pineapple. Weingarten provided the venue of the competition, the Weingarten Lawn near the Boy Scouts facility.


And here’s Phase Engineering’s Morgan Moliver with her boyfriend/helper Jordan Massey. Phase served up strawberry shortcake on a stick. Our personal favorite meal was Stream Realty’s chocolate chili chompers, rich Mexican chocolate cake balls dipped in white chocolate and topped with caramel and bacon. Event winners: Keystone Resources for Push-Up Spiced Bourbon Pie on a Stick (first place); Team Stream Spice for Chocolate Chili Cake Balls (second place); and Pavecon for Yardbird on a Stick (third place). Best booth was awarded to E3 Electric for its the “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” theme and the People’s Choice was awarded to Keystone Resources for its “Pie Shoppe” with Push-Up Pies on a Stick.