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Down at the Rodeo

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CBRE senior real estate manager Judi Bouchard has volunteered on the HLSR’s Armed Forces Appreciation Committee for five years. She’s in charge of the WWII veterans group, but is expanding to include Vietnam and Korean War vets. She tells us it’s a special way to show appreciation for the men and women who have made great sacrifices for our country, and she’s proud to say the committee brought in over 4,100 vets this year. Judi manages office and retail in three buildings across town: the DEA building, Vanderbilt Square, and Market Square Shopping Center.


JLL’s Laurel Chick got involved in the Rodeo two years ago to make herself “officially” a Houstonian after four years living here. She enjoys being on the Gatekeeper committee because of the conversations she has with people coming in. One of her favorites was a Rodeo clown who came through the gate saying “19 minutes ago I was wearing a suit—can you believe that?”  She says it’s really rewarding to be part of something that so many people love and that benefits so many.