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Being Pet-Friendly Can Be A Huge Differentiator In The Hyper-Competitive Office Leasing Market

Is this just an excuse to include as many adorable puppy pictures as we can? OK, you caught us. But it's also a look into dog-friendly offices around our great state. Now that mega-businesses like Google and Amazon are welcoming pets, landlords are taking another look at this underserved amenity. 


According to a recent study, 8% of companies allow pets at work. Finding commercial landlords willing to accommodate them is another story, especially in multi-tenant buildings. In the hyper-competitive world of office leasing, allowing animals can set you apart.

Even with the rise of dog-friendly offices, negotiating contracts to allow pets has not gotten easier, even for the Humane Society. Earlier this year, the organization signed a 23k SF lease after months of negotiation. About 20 landlords flat-out told it no

Petco went through something similar. The national retailer spent two years looking for a new animal-friendly building before moving into its new San Diego HQ that now houses 650 employees.


To make things easier, The Humane Society has laid out some ground rules for pets in the office. Pets must be properly licensed, have current vaccinations and stay inside baby gates in their owners' office or cubicle. Dogs, which range from lap dogs to hound mixes and pit bulls, are allowed in most meeting rooms, but must be on a leash when walking through the hallways.

There are plenty of Texas companies gleefully taking that advice. Austin is the epicenter of dog-friendly offices, but here are some businesses across the state that show their puppy love.


Cram Crew

Location: Houston

Business Type: Education

Studying is better when done with a friend, and this tutoring service lets employees bring in their four-legged friends to help manage the stress of studying for that big final. 

Spare Foot

Location: Austin

Business Type: Technology 

This firm that offers technology-based solutions to your storage woes loves dogs so much they keep track of employee pets on an official puppy calendar. With dogs treats aplenty, pups love it too. 

Springbox Digital Partners

Location: Austin

Business Type: Digital Media

Generating top-notch creative content is easier when you have your best friend at your side. At least that's the thought at Springbox. 

Tito's Handmade Vodka

Location: Austin

Business Type: Distillery 

The folks at Tito's are giving back to their fur babies. The distillery launched a fundraising campaigning for low-cost spaying and neutering called Vodka For Dog People.

Vision 360 Design

Location: Dallas

Business Type: Hospitality Design

At Vision 360, the adorable pup Gatsby serves as both director of first impressions and head of security. 


Software Advice

Location: Austin

Business Type: Tech Consulting

The high-performing sales environment at Software Advice is made less tense by the presence of four-legged friends.

Snyder Capital Corp

Location: Dallas

Business Type: Private Investment Firm 

Just don't ask the dogs for investment advice.

Ritter and Associates Real Estate

Location: Mansfield

Business Type: Real Estate 

Ritter and Associates says company dogs Louie and Joey have contributed to the warm and family-oriented work atmosphere they strive to achieve. 

Major, Lindsey & Africa

Location: Houston

Business Type: Law

Who says law offices have to be stuffy? At Major, Lindsey & Africa all well-behaved dogs are welcome to lighten up the atmosphere. 


Location: Austin

Business Type: Software

3DFX sees its dog-friendly workplace as a key recruiting factor. The company ran radio ads promoting the fact they welcome dogs in the workplace. 

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