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Someone Call Guinness World Records

Houston Office

Records were broken on Tuesday, when the nation’s tallest tiltwall panel was raised. (Sure, it's not as glamorous as the world's fattest cat, but a record's a record.) Here’s the Sierra Pines II team: SWA’s Clayton Bruner, Powers Brown’s Naz Khalfe, EE Reed’s Brad Mitchell, Stream’s Clif Kennedy, and EE Reed’s Mark Reed and Brian Owrey. Sierra Pines II is an unprecedented six stories of stacked tilt-wall and totals 154k SF of Class-A office space. The building will include a two-story lobby, and Stream believes it’ll have the feel of a typical cast-in-place office building.


Here’s the moment when tiltwall changed forever. (Hold onto this article... your grandkids will want to know where you were at this moment.) Brian tells us the project is on a delicate site with less than four acres being disturbed, which gave it the logistics feel of  Downtown site. The team left as many native trees as possible to keep an exclusive private feel to the business park. Construction commenced in September 2013 and will be ready for occupancy this September. No word yet on who will take advantage of that move-in date: The building is still 100% spec.