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Seeberger Architecture

Houston Office

Seeberger Architecture recently completed Phase 3 of its office remodel, and founder Perry Seeberger is still putting the finishing touches in. (Or at least he will if Roy ends the hostage situation.) He bought the 6,000 SF building in 2010 and completely gutted it—only two interior walls from the original 1980s structure survived. The property is a parallelogram, and the team envisioned a hurricane sweeping over and skewing it into the shape. Seeberger carried that thinking inside, creating an “eye of the hurricane” as the center, with everything else radiating out in curved bands.


All the walls are curved, which Perry says can be a challenge (good luck hanging that guitar). But he admits he wanted to put practicality away for a moment and create something fun and dynamic for his 14 employees. They seem to be pleased; there was a meet and greet under way (breakfast tacos included!) in the break area when we stopped by this week. The red theme should feel right at home for the team—Perry says 80% of them are graduates of U of H’s architecture school.