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Memorial City's Innovative New Office

Houston Office

MetroNational’s signature new development, the Treehouse, is getting its final touches now. VP of development Glenn Fuhrman gave us a sneak peek at the two-story, 15k SF office, which will permanently house 14 MetroNational employees and be available for events, meetings, and collaborating with other design pros. The Treehouse is tracking as the highest LEED Platinum in the city (96 points). Above, we snapped Glenn on the building’s wraparound balcony.


Glenn’s favorite design feature is the monkey bridge, which connects the Treehouse’s rooftop garden to MetroNational’s HQ next door. (He’s always wanted one! And although it may not sway in the wind, it's springy enough for him to channel his inner Indiana Jones.) It was a total coincidence that the floors lined up so well. The green roof also has solar panels and a wind turbine designed by artist Mark “Scrapdaddy” Bradford coming soon. Down on (and under) terra firma, 40 holes provide geothermal cooling and round out the trifecta of renewable energy.


We snapped the design team: Acumen Design’s Dick Lew, Studio RED’s Pete Ed Garrett, and Anslow Bryant’s James Bryant. Glenn says they chose Pete Ed for his theater background; the office includes a stage and features like cubicle walls that raise up to the ceiling, turning the space into a large room for events.