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Houstonians at CREW

Houston Multifamily

Our Houston reporter was on the ground last week at CREW Network’s national conference, where we found BBC World News America lead anchor.Katty Kay is snapped with Camden SVP Laurie Baker, corporate board member Itaú Private Bank International CEO Frances Aldrich Sevilla-Sacasa, and SVP Kristy Simonette. CREW Network events might be the best place to find Laurie for the next two years—she was just named president-elect. While in Miami for the conference, the Camden contingent took some time to stop by their latest property, Camden Boca Raton. It started leasing six weeks ago and is already 33% spoken for and setting new high-water rents for the area at $2.13/SF.


We also got this photo of most of CREW Houston’s 37-person contingent. In 2015, Laurie will be handing over the reins of local chapter prez to Dow Golub Remels & Beverly’s Debra Gilbreath.