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Big Coup for the Energy Corridor

Houston Multifamily

It’s been attempted, but never completed… until now. (No Evel Knievels were harmed during the completion of this deal.) M Kidd Properties assembled 10 acres in Addicks Dam Subdivision for a Class-A multifamily redevelopment.


Prez Mark Kidd Sr (whom we snapped nostalgically posing in San Felipe Plaza, where he officed for 15 years... a lot of good memories and lost pen caps in that building) tells us it was the hardest deal of his career—for the last 2.5 years he’s worked with 21 homeowners to sell their lots to Blackhaw Partners (a subsidiary of JD McCaslin & Co). The tracts are on Redhaw and Blackhaw streets, north of the proposed Park Row Boulevard extension near Eldridge.


Mark says the assemblage for commercial redevelopment has been attempted several times over the years, and he credits the Energy Corridor’s strong economy for making it possible now. The area’s really hopping—adjacent to this site, Wolff’s Central Park is underway (including MD Anderson’s west campus) and a Doubletree Hotel is planned between this tract and I-10. (Above, Park Row will connect right through the middle over the Omni, and Mark’s assembled site is to the left of Red Haw and on both sides of Blackhaw north of the extension. We didn't not hack a satellite to get that photo.)