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Winstead’s Mixed-Use Innovation

Houston Mixed-Use

Winstead shareholder Bob Burton is going condo. That is, he co-chairs the firm’s revolutionary planned community, mixed-use, and condo practice group. When planning a mixed-use project, he recommends you use the condo form of ownership to segregate, streamline, and provide order for divergent uses. That means separate ownership, management, and the opportunity for different financing for retail, office, residential, hotel, and even parking facilities. The benefit: more flexible capitalization and cost sharing, owners focused on what they know, and the opportunity for public/private partnerships. The success of this idea can be seen in many of Winstead’s projects across Texas. The "Superblock" project in Houston uses the condo form of ownership to separate underground parking from the above-ground multifamily development. And Victory, in Dallas, established a "media unit" for signage at The American Airlines Center. For more info on our sponsor, click here.

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