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Texas AG Clears The Way For Eminent Domain Use For Trump's Wall

The Texas Capitol

Critics of President Donald Trump's proposed border wall have pointed to the prolific use of eminent domain required to acquire the land for the wall as a concern. But he has unexpected backing in Texas. On Monday, Attorney General Ken Paxton said he has no problem with the Trump administration's plan to use eminent domain along the state's 1,200-mile border with Mexico. 

Paxton pointed to the fact that eminent domain is frequently used throughout the state. However, throughout his career, Paxton has mostly sided with private landowners in eminent domain cases. Paxton said the wall is different, as it serves a public purpose for the safety of those along the border and the entire nation.

Paxton also said there were legitimate concerns from locals along the border.

"These people need to be paid fairly," Paxton told the Dallas Morning News.  

One homeowner was offered $2,900 for 1.2 acres in the Rio Grande Valley.