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The Bayou City Still A Popular Moving Destination

Texas Bluebonnets

United Van Lines’ annual migration study showed that Houston is the most popular moving destination in Texas, rated by the number of shipments that United moved to the city in 2015.  

Reasons for moving include transfer/new job (70% of Texas' in-migration is job-related), retirement and proximity to family. Texas has long touted its status as a "moved-to" state, and Houston has dominated many in-migration rankings over the last few years thanks to a relatively low cost of living and plenty of jobs. It’s nice to know people love us even when oil is $34 per barrel.

Austin was the second most popular Texas city, followed by San Antonio, Fort Worth and El Paso.

Oregon was the most popular moving destination in 2015, with 69% of its moves inbound. Texas was No. 9, with 57% more inbound moves than exits.

The study showed that people are moving from the Northeast and to the South. A whopping 67% of New Jersey’s moves were outbound.  New York closely followed with 65% of people leaving. [UVL]

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