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NAI Partners Looks To Expand With A Key Executive Hire

NAI Partners Executive Vice President Travis Rodgers struck the deal that brought Rooftop Cinema Club to the Galleria area. He is pictured with his wife, Jeannee.

NAI Partners has added a new high-level role to oversee operations, revenue management and the firm's strategic growth.

Travis Rodgers, previously with Walmart Realty and Whitestone REIT, was brought on as the executive vice president to run NAI Partners' three offices in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. He will be based in the Houston office, working alongside Managing Partner Jon Silberman

“Hiring someone like Travis at his level is one of the key objectives for the company for this year as we look to increase the executive management infrastructure of the company overall,” Silberman said in a release. “The addition of Travis will help us manage our significant growth more effectively and ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our internal and external clients.”

Rodgers served as director of operations at Whitestone and oversaw the day-to-day real estate functions of 6M SF of retail, office and industrial product across Texas and Arizona. During the 18 years with Walmart Realty, he did deals across the U.S., with a focus on Texas. 

Bisnow talked with Rodgers about his new role, NAI Partners' expansion plans and the state of the Texas market. The interview has been edited for clarity and brevity. 

Bisnow: In this newly created position, what will be your key responsibilities?

Rodgers: This company has grown at a very productive rate. But, it got to the point where there were diminishing returns for the partners and especially our managing partner, Jon Silberman, who is still very active in our market, doing deals and has clients he represents. The partners were looking to add a new executive role that can come in that is not actually doing deals in the market, but instead can pick up the executive administration functions.

They also wanted someone to come in who could manage the growth of the company. Houston will continue to grow, but we also have offices in Austin and San Antonio. We would really like to grow our presence there.


Bisnow: What is your outlook on the Houston market?

Rodgers: The industrial market is very much on fire. Retail is pretty close behind it. Houston has become a major destination for restaurants and other retail users. I love the diversity of our retail environment here. The office market is starting to pick up, and we are optimistic where the market is going, especially in the mid- and upper-tier buildings. 

Bisnow: Since you will also manage the Austin and San Antonio offices, what is your overall outlook on Texas? 

Rodgers: I realized years ago when I was with Walmart that if you can choose anywhere to be, Texas is a great place to be. You can grow your career here. You see a large influx of people from all the other states moving into Texas because they recognize that. Texas is a business-friendly, commerce-friendly and individual-friendly state.

NAI Partners Executive Vice President Travis Rodgers and his wife, Jeannee, at a Rockets game in Houston.

Bisnow: What is keeping you up at night?

Rodgers: Ensuring that the next generation has positive opportunities in our world, be it education, lifestyle or spiritually. With three teenage kids in my house that keeps me up plenty.

Bisnow: What do you like to do for fun?

Rodgers: I love spending time with my family. We like to kayak and do other outdoor activities together. Two of my favorite things in Texas [are] the live music scene — one of my favorite places is the Mucky Duck in Houston — and dining out. I love finding new places, especially the hole in the wall spots that people don’t know about. I like sharing those places with people. (He suggested Roostar Vietnamese Grill with two Houston locations and Pit Room in Montrose.)