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And You Thought You Sweat a Lot

And You Thought You Sweat a Lot

Yesterday's riddle really stumped you—only two people answered it correctly! The question: There's a 100-pound watermelon lying in the sun. 99% of its weight is water. After a few hours, 98% of the watermelon's weight is water. How much water evaporated? The answer is a whopping 50 pounds. (As GordonPartners' Andrew Killion said, it must be really hot and the atmospheric pressure must be really low for the water to evaporate that quickly. Yikes...) The watermelon started at 99 pounds water and one pound other (mostly delicious) stuff. At the end, that one pound is 2% of the total, meaning the watermelon is now 50 pounds, including 49 pounds of water... or 50 pounds less than it started. Our other correct answer came from Sperry Van Ness' Altaf Akbari. He and Andrew win tickets to Bisnow's Retail Summit, where they'll surely learn about the newest grocer where they can buy their own watermelons.

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