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30-Year-Old Houston 'Startup' Expands to Atlanta


Apartment Data Services, a 30-year-old Houston-based multifamily research firm, has always wanted to expand nationally. Now, a year after California-based venture capitalist firm Salt Creek Capital acquired the company, it's finally happening. The research firm is expanding to Atlanta this month, and plans to enter three other markets next year. As part of its growth, the research apartment data services is also packing up its long-time office on Dairy Ashford, and moving to a new 9.5k SF office at 2550 Gray Falls in the Energy Corridor area. Apartment Data Services has 33 employees and uses a call center to collect information on roughly 2,600 apartment communities totaling 600,000 units in Houston. So far it plans to track 1,800 apartment communities with a total of 500,000 units for its Atlanta clients. The company provides its clients with information like occupancy and lease-up levels; monthly rent rates and concessions on every floor plan; application, administration, and pet fees; and amenities. After Atlanta, Apartment Data Services aims to expand to markets like Denver, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Tampa, and Tucson. President Bruce McClenny (pictured) likens the company to a 30-year-old startup, saying it's a lot of fun to reach for new goals. [HBJ]