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Colorado's Got What STEM Grads Want

Colorado, it turns out, is a fine place for STEM grads to start their careers, with jobs available at high wages. But is that good for area real estate markets as well?


Yes, according to Nerdwallet's Sreekar Jasthiwho recently conducted a survey that found Colorado is very welcoming indeed for STEM grads. "Overall, this is good for commercial real estate. STEM jobs are growing at a faster rate than non-STEM occupations, which means that places with a strong presence of these jobs will continue to see a rise in their STEM economy."


That results in a growing need for offices and other facilities to satisfy these high-growth industries, Sreekar adds. In his survey, Boulder is ranked the No. 3 city nationwide for STEM grads, coming in behind Huntsville, AL, and Silicon Valley. There are 144 STEM employees per 1,000 jobs in Boulder and the average STEM salary is $91,784. Colorado Springs (No. 14), Denver (No. 15) and Fort Collins (No. 20) were also featured among the best places for STEM grads.