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Boulder Botanical Leases Former GE Manufacturing Facility

Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs will move into the former General Electric manufacturing facility in Golden this fall.

Cannabidiol business Boulder Botanical & Biosciences Labs has agreed to lease with the intent to purchase the former General Electric manufacturing facility at 1150 Catamount Drive in Golden.

The 26K SF facility will serve as Boulder Botanical’s headquarters of operations, which also includes the company’s extraction facilities and its wholly owned subsidiary Helping Hands, a 70-acre hemp farm outside of Pueblo.

Previously owned by GE and used to manufacture health devices such as pacemakers, the building was constructed with high safety standards and Good Manufacturing Practice regulations in mind, making it turnkey for Boulder Botanical’s needs. The company will be able to use much of the facility’s pre-existing infrastructure, such as vacuum-sealed rooms, commercial kitchen setups, clean rooms and safety features, to produce nutraceutical-grade cannabidiol, or CBD, products in compliance with certified standards used in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Boulder Botanical’s research and development arm will use the facility to advance white-label product offerings and contract-manufactured goods and for the production of several different delivery platforms, including capsules, tinctures and topicals.

“The domestic hemp-derived cannabidiol market grew more than 46% in 2017 alone,” Boulder Botanical CEO Robert Dimarco said. “But as in all gold-rush scenarios, there are a lot of snake-oil salesmen out there trying to pass off subpar CBD products with no proof of efficacy. As a seed-to-shelf manufacturer of CBD products, Boulder Botanical brings over a quarter century of combined experience in GMO-produced nutraceuticals to the CBD market. Our new Golden headquarters connects all the dots in our vertically integrated program. In the next few years, Boulder Botanical expects to be producing seven out of 10 of the product lines found in grocery and big-box stores.”

About 145 jobs were lost when GE vacated the property. Boulder Botanical has already rehired about a half-dozen former GE employees and intends to add more employees before opening the facility for production this fall.