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Why Denver Will Be A Hub For Healthcare's Reinvention

These are uncertain times for healthcare—but when has that not been the case? Even so, industry innovation hubs such as Catalyst HTI are coming to Denver, a development that's going to be the focus of one of our speaker panels at the Denver Healthcare Development & Expansion Conference on Dec. 7 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel.


Catalyst HTI president Mike Biselli, who will be part of that panel, tells us the 200k SF underway in RiNo won’t be just an incubator, though it will contain several of those. It won’t be just an accelerator, though it's going to have more than one of those, too. "And it definitely won’t be just another co-working space," he says. "Catalyst HTI’s co-working space will be located on its fourth floor, where we will house over 50 health-tech startups."

Rather, Mike says, Catalyst HTI will be an industry integrator—a real estate development that will bring together relevant stakeholders from across the healthcare industry to accelerate that industry’s current reimagining.


Such stakeholders will include established healthcare organizations like Medical Group Management Association and digital health startups like BurstIQ; business accelerators like Boomtown and advocacy organizations like the American Diabetes Association; medical schools like CU Anschutz; and global health-tech companies like Terumo BCT. They will all be in Catalyst HTI "working side by side to create, develop, refine and bring to market cutting-edge innovations that will fundamentally transform healthcare as we know it." 

Mike says he firmly believes it’s going to take all of the stakeholders working together to give America the healthcare system it so desperately needs. "That's why I’m convinced that industry integration at the point of innovation is absolutely necessary if the healthcare system is going to deliver on its promise to improve the health of our citizens by providing high-quality, affordable care."


Kaiser Permanente Colorado VP Brent Bowman, who will also be a speaker on the panel, tells us “as we've seen in other industries, technology innovations have changed the game. These innovations have brought consumers closer to products and closer to each other."


Given how much a trusted relationship with your caregiver matters to your health, Brent says, Kaiser Permanente wants to "push the envelope on healthcare innovation through our new innovation center and attached medical office onsite at Catalyst HTI. From this location, we want to...see how much more transparent we can make the relationship between caregiver and patient, and partner with the community to address the social determinants of health that affect people beyond the four walls of the exam room."

Hear more about healthcare from Mike and Brent and our other expert speakers at the Denver Healthcare Development & Expansion Conference beginning at 7:30am Dec. 7 with breakfast and schmoozing at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel.