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Data Center Deals in Colorado Springs

Denver Data Center

Colorado Springs is one of the five least expensive markets for leasing a data center, CBRE director of brokerage services Brad Bird, who’s in the Colorado Spring office, tells us. The combination of low-cost power and relatively low rent per kW makes the city one of the least expensive markets, he says. Other low-cost markets are Atlanta, northern Virginia, Portland, OR, and Seattle.

Driven in part by the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has seen rising investor interest in data centers.

Recently CBRE issued a report written by company research director Jessica Ostermick that analyzed 1,000 kW data center lease costs over a seven-year term across 23 key data center markets nationwide. It evaluated rent, power and taxes, among other costs. At the other end of the data center-cost spectrum, CBRE found that among the most expensive markets are Boston, Chicago, Des Moines, Kansas City and northern New Jersey.