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Wired Certified Buildings Pave The Way For Denver's High-Tech Transition


The Denver skyline is becoming even more technologically advanced thanks to a growing number of high-tech building upgrades—as evidenced by several buildings achieving Wired Certification, the international standard for cutting-edge internet connectivity in office buildings.

Beacon Capital Partners is leading the charge in modernizing Denver properties, with three of its buildings—the Wells Fargo Center, Dominion Towers and the Civic Center Plaza receiving two Gold Wired Certifications and one Silver, respectively.

Developed by WiredScore in 2013, the sought-after Wired Certification has been awarded to some of the most recognized buildings across the world, including the Empire State Building in New York City, the Shard in London and Willis Tower in Chicago. “The teams at all three of these buildings did a fantastic job undertaking the improvements that enabled us to secure the highly coveted Wired Certification at our Denver-based properties and held by nearly all of the properties in our portfolio,” said Beacon managing director Sara Shank.

“Not only do these improvements benefit the building, but they also benefit the people who work in these buildings every day and require strong connectivity to do their jobs effectively.”

A Wired Certification of any ranking guarantees strong, reliable and fast internet connections. Each building that receives a certification must meet a set of robust standards based on infrastructure, connection and readiness.

The Wells Fargo Center, Dominion Towers and Civic Center Plaza each possess the infrastructure necessary to make them some of the best internet-connected buildings in the world.

The Wells Fargo Center has multiple points of entry, which helps maintain an internet connection in the case of a disruption caused by weather or construction. Dominion Towers and the Wells Fargo Center both have six available Internet service providers (ISPs), which allows tenants to pick the provider that offers the best capabilities for their specific business needs.

All three buildings place important telecom equipment in secure spaces, safe from potential flood damage or tampering. Beacon’s three Wired Certified buildings will help to further attract high-tech businesses to Denver.

“We are committed to equipping our buildings with the best features that will not only help our current tenants, but also help attract new occupants from across the country,” said Beacon SVP Cathy Mossman. “Our dedication to high-tech capabilities, sustainability and efficient designs is something that will continue to help us stand out in the commercial real estate world.”

Additionally, Beacon has improved connectivity at its three Denver properties by installing distributed networks to provide optimum wireless capabilities, a feature in high demand by tenants but often not available.

This spring, the Wells Fargo Center also achieved a LEED Platinum Certification and unveiled a three-year property renovation handled by ESI Design. The firm, known for its cutting-edge designs, added an eight-story digital installation within the building’s glass atrium. Made up of 86-foot-tall LED columns, the installation utilizes dynamic media in order to display Colorado’s mountains from afar. However, upon further inspection, the images are revealed to be a mosaic of thousands of Instagram photos taken by residents of, and visitors to, Denver.

“The space demanded a design that was epic in scale, but we didn’t want an enormous rectangular screen. That would have felt like typical digital signage,” said ESI senior immersive designer Ed Purver. “So we split the screen into five separate columns of LED to accentuate the impressive verticality of the atrium. Viewed together, they create one canvas.”

This canvas also includes floor-to-ceiling 3D waterfalls, a grove of trees and a flock of birds, which are animated in real time following a flight pattern that does not repeat over the course of several hours. Make sure you check out these properties to see what’s new!

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