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How 'The Internet of Things' Makes Doing Business Easier


We all have a sense that technology is important for our business, but it's hard to keep up with the massive, ever-changing changing. Brivo VP Lee Odess and Hightower co-founder/CEO Brandon Weber gave a little taste at Bisnow's DFW Capital Markets summit last week. The "Internet of Things," a $300B business, includes some connected products that can make your properties more secure, pleasant and effective, Lee says. That includes doorknobs that unlock when certain people walk up, or connected devices that let a receptionist know as soon as your 3pm meeting walks in the building. Brandon's all about helping building owners and leasing agents—he says this industry is one of the most data-driven and mobile out there. And yet, most people are powered by Excel. Commercial real estate tech is about to go through a second wave, which he says will change everything. The main change: Software will become more pervasive, like how software companies Airbnb and Uber are beating companies like Hilton and Yellow Cab at their own game. (Commercial real estate could be next!)

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