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DFW’s Newest Burger Joint Is …

Roll out the red carpet for the new side-by-side concept from Luby’s and Fuddruckers. They’re coming to Rockwall this summer as part of a state-wide expansion for the two fast-casual family restaurants. (Ever since True Detective, everyone is putting two stars side-by-side.)


There’s another dual concept on the horizon in The Colony for a side-by-side Luby’s and Cheeseburger in Paradise, says Luby's COO Peter Tropoli. There’s no opening date for that location, he says. Both Texas-based chains share the ethos of made-from-scratch, never-frozen Southern foods, he says. (We like the made-on-site Fuddruckers buns, which means we also have to like doing more reps on the StairMaster.)  Peter's latest love: a new Fender Telecaster guitar he recently acquired. He plays in a band with his company’s CFO in his downtime.


Luby’s purchased the Fuddruckers brand a few years ago and has been studying it, Peter says. (Yeah, that's why we eat there as well. Studying.) The firm plans to open around a dozen stores this fiscal year in markets where there are gaps. On the radar: El Paso, South Texas, Houston, and DFW. Two Austin locations opened this year. The restaurants have flexible concepts, he says, including freestanding new construction or existing end-caps in trophy locations. His current favorite Fuddruckers burger topping: grilled pineapple with a little bit of teriyaki sauce.

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