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Should Buildings Ban Certain Dogs?


The co-op board of a luxury tower on Manhattan’s Upper West Side recently enacted a rule that will keep certain dog breeds—even mixes—out of the building due to aggressive tendencies. Pet lovers are crying foul, but do residential and commercial owners and property managers have a point in banning specific breeds? In the case of 170 West End Ave, according to DNAInfo, a vet must sign off on a dog’s pedigree, and if a mutt, detail the percentage of each breed or take a DNA test to determine its makeup. It’s then compared to a long list of dogs not permitted in the building due to aggressiveness, which includes even small pooches like Malteses or Pomeranians. Earlier this month, a breed-specific ban was also enacted by an HOA in Fort Worth, impacting 80 townhome residents by nixing purebred or mixed pit bulls, German shepherds, Rottweilers and Doberman pinschers.

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