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It’s Bisnow 1, Cresa prez Susan Arledge 0. UT alumna Susan challenged your bleeding-green-Baylor grad reporter Tonie Auer to a bet for the Baylor-UT men’s basketball game on Friday night. Happily, Baylor won and our reporter didn’t have to don her one and only UT shirt for a Hook ‘em Horns pose. Instead, Susan agreed to contribute some content to the newsletter while wearing some Baylor green and gold. Here’s her response: “Texas let me down, so I went searching for Baylor attire. Now, I'm not saying Baylor fans and attire were scarce at Sprint Arena, but my only option was to ask a fan to buy his neon yellow Sic 'Em shirt. He said no, but gave me a can of Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Stout Ale instead. I think I made a good deal.” If you think about it, beer and bear are only one letter apart. But, the best part of it all: Both UT and Baylor are going to the dance.

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