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Forget the Oregon Trail, Follow the Pegasus Urban Trail

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The Urban Armadillos are one step closer to the reality of an urban walking trail within the Dallas CBD. The latest step is giving it a name: the Pegasus Urban Trail or PUT. The idea of UA and the PUT came from Cushman & Wakefield EVP Mike Wyatt and Interior Architects business development manager Skyler Baty (read the backstory here). Preservation Dallas executive director David Preziosi tells us the Pegasus name is a symbol of downtown Dallas and unique to the city, first appearing in 1934 on top of the Magnolia building and quickly becoming a landmark for downtown Dallas visible from miles away. (Just like all the paint we spilled in Dallas to enhance this photo.)


Some UA members: Cushman & Wakefield’s Shannon Johnston, Skyler, FMG’s Andrea Chonich, and Cushman & Wakefield’s Meredith Durham. David tells us the seven trails along the PUT are mapped out and info about the sites is being added to a mobile app. The app should be beta testing this month and up and running in March. (Now that Flappy Bird is gone, will this help with the withdrawal?) The app is being funded by grants from AT&T, Downtown Dallas and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.