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Roger Staubach's Super Bowl Pick: The Broncos

Vegas might be placing its bets on the Carolina Panthers, but the experts at JLL predict a victory for the Denver Broncos in the big game this Sunday. Since JLL Americas executive chairman and Hall of Fame QB Roger Staubach began making predictions in 2011, NFL teams based in cities with higher overall office vacancy rates took home the championship title 60% of the time. Denver’s vacancy rate is 13.1%, a wee bit higher than Charlotte’s 12.3% vacancy.

JLL considered some other off-the-field stats, too. Tenant and investor opportunity in the Mile High City is strong due to increased leasing activity from the tech industry. The Denver metro is experiencing one of its strongest economic cycles with an unemployment rate of 3.2%: the second lowest in the nation. Population is growing, rapidly fueling momentum in the office market. It’s projected that city’s population will increase by 19% before the end of the decade, swelling to 3.3 million residents. 


The football great actually likes the Broncos better on-field too. Roger tells us he's followed both teams throughout the season and the match-up between two great quarterbacks, one young and one old, will make for an interesting game. Roger's take: Cam Newton had a phenomenal year and Peyton Manning has had a fantastic career. He thinks it’s going to be a victory for the Broncos and a chance for Peyton to go out on top. (He picked the Broncos in the '14 Super Bowl, too.) Pictured: DFW reporter Tonie Auer selfie with Roger and his wife last year at a Dallas event.)

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