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Package-Gate? Not for Monogram Residential Trust

WASHINGTON DC 09.14.2017


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Package-Gate? Not for Monogram Residential Trust

Last week, Camden Property Trust leadership mandated an end to accepting packages across its 169-community portfolio, citing more than $3M in lost productivity. Dallas-based Monogram Residential Trust president and CEO Mark Alfieri says that’s not an issue for the tenants in Monogram’s 15,000 units. As online shopping has grown, Mark tells us Monogram has embraced it and added technology to enhance its services while also reducing labor time for employees.

Package-Gate? Not for Monogram Residential Trust

Using Entrata tablet-based technology that utilizes e-signatures, Bluetooth barcode scanners, an automated alert system, and lobby displays with visible alerts on package status for each unit, Monogram’s expense for package management is roughly 10% of Camden’s costs, Mark tells us. Because Monogram offers a luxury product, customer service is crucial, he says. The challenges are largely logistical in existing properties without adequate space. But, because most of Monogram’s properties are new, space has been allotted for a package implementation process with self-service package lockers accessed with an electronic keypad. The tablet-based package management system uses an automated alert system via email, as well as messages in common areas and mail areas. In many cases, residents can see their names up on the board and they can see that they have a package waiting.