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Meet Dallas' Mayoral Candidates: Alyson Kennedy

Dallas voters will pick the city’s next mayor on May 4. 

Each of the nine candidates remaining has opined on the need for Dallas to focus on transportation, urban renewal, education, affordable housing and workforce development.  

But what would each candidate’s platform mean for commercial real estate? 

Bisnow sent questionnaires to every candidate in the Dallas mayor’s race to find out and will run the responses of all candidates who provide feedback. 

Alyson Kennedy

Candidate Alyson Kennedy represents the Socialist Workers Party and has said she is running not just against the other candidates, but against the Democratic and Republican parties as well as their platforms. 

Kennedy is one of more than a dozen candidates from the Socialist Workers Party to run in various municipal races.

Kennedy provided the following response to Bisnow’s questionnaire on commercial real estate: 

"In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, housing and transportation costs have skyrocketed. 

The capitalist owners, and Democratic and Republican politicians who run government in their interests, couldn’t care less about young workers who can't afford to get a house or apartment of their own, get married, and start a family. 

The SWP calls for a massive government-financed jobs program, at union-scale wages, to rebuild crumbling infrastructure and provide affordable housing for all."