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Conti Capital Prepares To Relocate To New 22K SF HQ In Dallas

Dallas-based multifamily investment firm Conti Capital is quadrupling the size of its headquarters and moving from the Galleria to Preston Center.

The firm is expecting to hire dozens of new employees over the next 10 years, CEO and founder Carlos Vaz said. The new 22K SF space at 8343 Douglas Ave. in Dallas will be able to accommodate that growth. 

“This year alone, we hired 27 people as a company,” he said. “We’re expanding our footprint here in Dallas, our office in Brazil, our office in Miami, and we also opened our office in New York.”

The new office is being designed by architecture firm CallisonRTKL.

The new HQ will include a 75-person training facility for new hires, Vaz said.

Conti Capital is still operating on a hybrid basis but is in the midst of transitioning back to a fully in-office schedule, though Vaz said flexibility will remain at the heart of company culture.

“If I need to be policing you, it’s the wrong person to be joining us,” he said. “Our attitude is, let’s hire the greatest people that enjoy coming to the office whenever they can. And if they’re not in the office, we understand they’re doing their best for the company.” 

There are about 35 people housed in the Dallas office, and Vaz said he is aiming to hire another 30 across the company’s acquisitions, research, legal, compliance, financial and marketing departments by year’s end. 

Within three years, the HQ will likely house around 100 people, Vaz said. The company plans to move into the new space by April and will remain there for at least seven to 10 years.

“Both this office and the one prior, my mistake right off the bat was I didn’t get enough space,” he said. “If I went back in time, I’d get at least 30% more space.”

Growth in the multifamily industry has propelled the 14-year-old company to new heights. Since its inception, Conti Capital has acquired more than 12,000 apartment units and executed $1.2B worth of transactions.

But Vaz said he is careful not to take success for granted. Today’s high-interest-rate environment has created a survival-of-the-fittest environment in multifamily, so acting conservatively, preserving lender relationships and using data to approach deals is the best way to ensure continued success.

“Adaptation has to be part of any business today,” he said. “The worst thing that can happen to any business is to be comfortable. You can have massive success, and you just need one or two bad business [decisions] to get wiped out.”

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