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This Could Be Big: Development Potential Outside Of Denton

World War II-era hangar at Hartlee Field Ranch

The historic Hartlee Field Ranch in Denton is up for sale. Between the ranch's 652 acres and two adjacent tracts up for sale, Denton could get a new 1,000-acre mixed-use development.

Most of the land is undeveloped and is used for recreation or grazing. Though it is currently separate from the ever-expanding metro, the ranch is directly in the path of development. Briggs Freeman Vice President Angie Nelson, who is listing the ranch for $14M, said it will not take long for the tide of development to reach Hartlee’s doorstep, and she suspects it will be redeveloped mixed-use.

“It’s not a question of whether it will be developed, but when it will be developed,” Nelson said.

The main ranch tract has numerous improvements, including a 20K SF luxury home. One of the most unique features of the property is its grass airstrip at the southern tip of the ranch. The air strip used to serve as a training ground for American World War II pilots. Two WWII-era hangars still stand adjacent to the grass airstrip, and the site is still registered with the Federal Aviation Administration as a valid landing zone, which opens up a world of possibility for the future of the land.

According to Nelson, the property has garnered interest from local, national and even international developers. They seem to be drawn to the property’s versatility. Hartlee’s proximity to the metro, along with its size and unique resources, could appeal to developers looking to create a mixed-use community. More likely than not, the value of the property will continue to go up as the demand for land north of the metro continues to increase.

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