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Dream Hotel Coming to Dallas


Dallas will soon be joining the ranks of New York, San Francisco, and Miami; Dream South Beach GM Peggy Benua says her firm is developing a Dream Dallas. (Pictured, Peggy’s in the light grey with James Royal Palm Hotel GM Michael Shaff, Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod partner Suzanne Amaducci-Adams, and Driving ROI managing director Debbie Castillo at CREW’s national convention last week.) Peggy says many of the boutique brands stick to the same markets because those metros feed each other demand. Debbie adds that building out in one city means building economy of scale and increasing buying power. But Michael says many boutiques are transitioning from focusing on vacationers to targeting business travelers. (Big D could be a good place for it: we have more than 44 million visitors each year with direct spending totaling $7.4B.)