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Dallas Ranks No. 2 In Most Changed Metros Over The Last Decade


Dallas displayed the second-most-quantifiable change in the U.S. from 2006 to 2016, according to a report by MagnifyMoney. The report focuses on nine metrics in metros across the country to find out which cities changed the most over the last decade. 

Texas cities ranked high on the national list with Austin coming in at No. 1, Dallas at No. 2 and Houston at No. 3. The changes in the metros are not strictly positive or negative. The growth factors MagnifyMoney looked at included average commute time, rent growth and crime rate. Regardless of whether the metrics increased or decreased, the magnitude of total change over the last 10 years moved metros up and down the list.

But Dallas' changes were overwhelmingly positive. Some key metrics Dallas registered were a 43% decrease in crime, an 18% increase in building permits, a 21% increase in employment and a 23% increase in median income.