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Fast Facts: McKinney


Downtown McKinney

Population Growth

The city of McKinney reached a total population of 187,802 in January, a 4.5% jump from the previous year — and a sharp spike from 2010 when McKinney had a population of roughly 131,000, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

McKinney in 2000 had a population of just over 55,000, which means its population shot up 138% over the past 19 years. It was named the fifth fastest growing city in the U.S. in 2018 in a report from WalletHub

Income Levels

McKinney’s median household income in 2017 dollars hit $87,608, with only 7% of the area’s residents living in poverty according to census data. 

Education Levels

Almost half of McKinney’s population — roughly 45% — has a bachelor’s degree or higher, while 92.2% are high school graduates, according to census data.


Commercial And Residential Real Estate Activity

1. Fourteen pre-development meetings held in January alone; 43 meetings held in 2018. 

2. Of the 43 pre-development meetings held in the one-year period leading up to January, 22 were for residential and commercial plats, seven were for commercial/multifamily plats and 11 were commercial building elevations, according to city data.

3. 129 building permits issued in January. 

4. Four permits in January were issued for $2.56M in new commercial

5. 110 single-family permits issued with a total value of $37.9M.

Major Employers

1.       Raytheon

2.       Wistron GreenTech

3.       Torchmark

4.       Emerson Process Management

5.       Tong Yang

6.       Encore Wire

7.       RMCN

8.       Brandon Industries