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Part Of Henderson Avenue Gets Approved For Commercial Rezoning

Dallas City Hall

A swath of Henderson Avenue just got unanimously approved for rezoning from residential to commercial. The development will take up 4.5 acres between Glencoe Street and McMillan Avenue. Though many neighborhood residents have welcomed the new development, many have opposed it, feeling it will ruin the neighborhood.  

The square footage of the development has been negotiated down from 190K SF to 156,500 SF, which will break down into 72,500 SF for office, 72K SF for retail and 12K SF for restaurants, according to the Dallas Morning News.

“I’m incredibly relieved. We’ve worked so hard and long on this,” developer Mark Masinter told the Morning News.

Construction is looking like it will start at the end of this year. The project is slated to deliver by the end of 2020.