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Team Peloton Wins CREW Dallas Mixology


The ladies of Peloton are now back-to-back champs of a CREW Dallas “make it work” happy hour and networking event. Last year, they won a Chopped-style cooking event. This year, they created a tasty adult concoction at The Victory Tavern. Here’s the winning team of Gini Dibrell, Barbara Houlihan, Lauren Perry and Stephanie Fincher (Sarah Hinkley not pictured). Gini tells us The Victory Tavern team set up tables with three liquors, multiple mixers and a few garnishes. Each team had to come up with a signature drink using only the items on the table. They were judged on team name, drink name, presentation and taste. Team Peloton won with a tequila, pineapple juice and cranberry juice drink garnished with mint. Their drink name is being kept on the down low, we assume they plan to trademark it.