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Seven Ways Time-Lapse Photography Enhances Your Job Site


Time-lapse photography, once a novelty in construction projects, is now par for the course and essential for a successful building endeavor. As KDC EVP Mike Rosamond tells us, you can certainly set up a camera and do it yourself, but it won't look professional. By that, he means making sure the right equipment is used (and used properly), and that it’s reliable, since you only have one chance to show the building materializing before your eyes. As well, sunlight and weather do not always play along, and can provide unexpected snags to the seamlessness of the video. Mike recommends professionals for the job (his choice: OxBlue).

Here are seven ways he finds advantages to time-lapse photography:

• Enhance project management

• Increase client transparency

• Reduce travel costs

• Increase efficiency

• Improve communications

• Avoid costly delays

• Produce time-lapse videos for marketing and public relations.

For more info on our Bisnow partner, OxBlue, click here.  Watch a sample time lapse video here