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RealPage Tries To Reclaim Millions In Losses After 2018 Hacker Attack

A hacker that targeted RealPage two years ago remains under investigation, as the property management software firm tries to reclaim $2.9M in lost funds from the security breach. 


A phishing scam in May 2018 compromised a RealPage email account, allowing hackers to divert $10.5M in funds from the Richardson, Texas-based company.

With the help of federal authorities, RealPage recovered some of the money early on, but still lost $6M in total. 

Of the $6M in funds diverted, the federal government managed to freeze $2.9M, which remains on hold to date. 

"The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas is now pursuing the process to enable RealPage to reclaim these frozen funds," the company said in a statement emailed to Bisnow. 

RealPage also covered its losses through insurance and it said no clients suffered financial losses from the breach. 

The hackers involved reportedly have ties to Nigeria and carried out their 2018 scheme by using a RealPage employee's login information to gain access to corporate accounts, NBC5i in Dallas reported this week.  

That report said individual Americans were pulled into the scheme as "money mules" to direct the funds to the hackers.