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Power Women: With A New Firm Named After Her, Sarah LanCarte Forges A New Path

This limited series profiles DFW Power Women who have made their mark in the Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate industry. Each of the women profiled will be honored at Bisnow's Dallas-Fort Worth Power Women event Nov. 12.  

Sarah LanCarte's path toward CRE started with lots of miles on a Radio Flyer wagon. 

She is still hitting the pavement, though the tools have changed. This year she launched her own brokerage, LanCarte Commercial. Previously with Fort Capital's commercial division and a principal at Transwestern, LanCarte is now taking her entrepreneurial route and creating a commercial real estate platform of her own. 

LanCarte Commercial founder Sarah LanCarte with her husband, Adam.

Bisnow: What did you dream of becoming as a child? How does your current career feed that inner child inside of you?

LanCarte: I have always been intrigued with real estate. As a child I would build forts, taking my Radio Flyer wagon packed with building supplies to the woods. I was also born loving to sell. Again with my Radio Flyer wagon behind me, I would take on the neighborhood selling dance candy bars and wouldn’t come home until I had sold them all or it was dark. Not much has changed today since taking on the neighborhood selling. Part of my success I contribute to making a lot of cold calls door to door and going through a lot of heels.

Sarah LanCarte (far right) with her family.

Bisnow: If you could teach women growing in the industry today just one thing, what would it be?

LanCarte: Confidence is key! It takes time to gain confidence but with knowledge and experience it continues to strengthen. Be confident in who you are and the decisions you make.

Bisnow: Who inspires you on a daily basis and why? 

LanCarte: I have a team of people that inspire me. My husband in his work ethic and his compassion for people, my father in his leadership and joy for life, my mother in her selflessness and strength. And there are so many others. 

Sarah LanCarte

Bisnow: What is your biggest career failure and what positive lessons did it teach you? 

LanCarte: I don’t like to think of things as failures if you learn something from them. Your career will take you down different paths and sometimes you learn that it is not the path for you and if you can quickly realize that and switch directions and learn from it, it is not a failure, it only strengths your knowledge base.

Bisnow: Describe your greatest career accomplishment.

LanCarte: Starting LanCarte Commercial. It was terrifying to go out on my own in this very competitive industry but I was certain it was the right decision. Every day is a blast and I am working with exceptional people that all have an aligned interest of growing the company and trying to make the right decisions every day.

Honor Sarah LanCarte and other women shaping Dallas-Fort Worth at Bisnow's Dallas Power Women event Nov. 12.