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How Micropac Industries Is Navigating The Great Resignation And Expanding In Garland, Texas


While the Great Resignation may be waning, it still remains an issue for many companies across the country. The average employee turnover rate nationwide is 57.3% — up by 12% since 2019. In Texas alone, employee turnover has increased by nearly 4% since 2020, reaching 21.5%.

As employee retention rates across the country have taken a dive, employers in Texas and beyond are restrategizing ways in which they can entice workers to stay at their companies. For Micropac Industries, an electronics manufacturer located in Garland, Texas, this feat was made easier by its core values of service, leadership and learning.

“Retention is all about providing a work environment where employees can see the benefit for themselves and for others,” said Mark King, chairman and CEO of Micropac Industries. 

Bisnow spoke with King and Bryan Bradford, Garland's city manager, to learn more about how Micropac Industries is not only retaining its workforce, but expanding its business operations in the city it has called home for nearly 60 years. 

Bisnow: Can you explain a bit more about Micropac Industries?

King: At Micropac, we make specialized electronics for what we call "mission critical electronics." Mission critical electronics are not what you think of when you think of electronics that go into your cellphone — it is something that goes into a special mission. For example, we have parts on the planet Mars since we do a lot of work for NASA on satellite systems. We also make electronics for the Department of Defense.

Our main product lines involve optoelectronics and microelectronics — including microchips, power management tools and fiber optic receiver and transmitter devices. We build everything from components to box-level electronic assemblies, doing what we call "harsh environments applications." These include high-temperature and high-radiation environments in which quality is of greater importance than in normal circumstances.

Bisnow: Why did Micropac choose to expand its business operations in Garland? What factors played a role in its decision to remain in the city?

King: Supporting the greater Garland community is very important to us. One of my objectives in life is to give back to the local community — I serve on several boards and nonprofits in the community for that reason. One of the things that I wanted to do when we expanded Micropac was to stay in Garland, because that’s where my heart is. The city is a great community that supports servant leadership in local businesses, its education system and its Chamber.

We have a great relationship with the city of Garland, including with city staff and the Chamber, so when we began planning the expansion, we were in conversation with our partners in Garland. In discussion with City Manager Bryan Bradford and after working with the economic development department, we were able to find a solution where we could stay in Garland — where we want to be — because of how we feel about the community. Working together in partnership was and always will be always be a win-win.

Bradford: We believe the economy thrives when businesses are making tangible products, and Garland is making a lot of products. Garland is home to approximately 400 manufacturers that are thriving due to its tremendous labor force, infrastructure and ideal location. When you have a great community partner like Mark King and the folks at Micropac, you naturally want to take a solutions-oriented approach that will help the business flourish, knowing that as the business grows so does the community. 

Bisnow: What is Micropac’s strategy when it comes to employee retention?

King: We have core values that are a bit different than other companies. Our first core value is servant leadership — this entails integrity and honesty. More importantly, we consider our employees to be equal stakeholders.

The second core value is we want to be a go-to place for our customers. Being an employee at Micropac means you get the chance to be involved in solutions that others may not have been able to solve. You get exposure to the ultimate end user, the opportunity to sit in customer meetings, a chance to be on the design floor and the ability to see the product all the way through the final test. 

The third value is we want to be a learning organization. I require 100% of our employees to have a minimum of 24 hours a year of continuing education. The intent is to create a culture that enables you to learn as you work. 

The fourth core value is to have fun. I think having fun, particularly when you can celebrate victories, is important for the culture. 

Bisnow: Does Micropac have amenities for its employees? How do these amenities impact employee retention at Micropac?

King: It was my vision to create a workplace for the next generation — a workplace where we can explore our core values. We've installed electric vehicle chargers, conserved water and installed shades designed with sun beam analysis to ensure that at certain points of the day we're not using more energy than we need. 

For our employees, we have created something called the collaboration room. A collaboration room is a place where you can go to be comfortable, discuss ideas, work out conflicts and have the opportunity to socialize with co-workers.

We have a lot of amenities that are geared towards not just employee retention, but for employee health. We have a walking trail around the building and an exercise room. It's not just about physical health, but also mental health and relaxation. All of these amenities create an environment where people are serving others and helping others be successful, while also trying to be the best version of themselves.

Bisnow: What impact has the city of Garland had on Micropac Industries over the years, and vice versa? 

King: Partnership is the word that comes to mind. Being a partner with the city means that we work hand in glove to accomplish all that the company has created. 

We work collaboratively with the city. The city management, elected officials and staff make sure that the leadership at Micropac and the city leadership are connected. When two parties have a mission, and the vision is the same, things work. If they're different, it's hard to marry the two. The city has been a wonderful partner to us. They've helped us to get to where we are, and we've helped them in what we're doing for Garland.

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