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It’s Tax Time: The Ambrose Group’s Tips For Picking A Pro


A great economy and lots of property trades make for a good commercial real estate market, but they may also cause your property valuations to jump sky high. As those tax appraisal letters start landing in your mailbox, it’s time to get prepared for a potential appeal, says The Ambrose Group president David Ambrose (the keynote speaker at Bisnow’s State of the Fort Worth Market event). David (far left with colleagues Daniel Ambrose, Brandon Brooks and Steve Spraberry) tells us taxes are the largest expense that any property owner or investor will incur and managing that expense is critical to profitability. There are four things a property owner should consider when it comes to tax appraisals:

1. Select an experienced tax consultant in real estate valuations.

2. Make sure your tax consultant has a research department and database of information.

3. Pick someone who can communicate with you effectively.

4. Be committed to the appeal process.

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