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Hey, DFW And Houston: Brightmark Is Scouring The U.S. For A Site To Invest $500M To $1B, And You're On The List

Waste and energy development firm Brightmark launched a nationwide hunt this week for sites to develop an energy recycling facility project that could reach $1B of investment.  

Fortunately for Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, both metropolitan areas are on the target list.


“Brightmark is exploring multiple sites in the greater Houston area for our next plastics renewal facilities. Additionally, we are looking at plastic supply and densification locations from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as other major metropolitan regions in Texas," Brightmark CEO Bob Powell said. 

The project comes with the potential for $500M to $1B in local community investments. The winning site also would see upward of 100 local jobs created. 

The San Francisco-based firm, which specializes in turning mixed-use plastics into ultra-low sulphur diesel, naphtha and wax, launched a wish list for its targeted U.S. communities this week. 

The firm is accepting proposals from sites across the U.S., but said the likely winner will be in a region that offers project development support along with incentives and improved plastic recycling programs. 

The chosen areas also will produce at least 200,000 tons per year of co-mingled plastic waste and offer access to 20 to 100 acres of suitable land with highway and railway access. 

The company intends to make its final selection in the second quarter of next year. 

Brightmark already completed a $260M plastics renewal facility in Northeast Indiana and will begin producing fuels and wax from recycled plastics at the site in the second quarter of 2020.