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New Amazon 4-Star Store To Give DFW Residents A Case Of FOMO With Local Presence

Amazon is often blamed for cannibalizing the brick-and-mortar retail space in Dallas-Fort Worth and nationwide, but the online retailer is now prepping to open its own physical store location in DFW. 


Amazon 4-star, a brick-and-mortar retail concept launched by Amazon, is opening a location in the Metroplex, a spokesperson for the company told Bisnow Friday. 

The 4-star stores offer consumers a chance to browse through top-selling, four-star rated products sold by Amazon worldwide. 

Amazon’s play in brick-and-mortar is far from traditional though.

Whitebox Real Estate President and Managing Director Grant Pruitt said 4-star outlets aim to offer the best in experiential retail. The stores play on the average buyer’s fear of missing out on the best products sold online. 

"I’m interested to see what is getting four stars," Pruitt said. "The whole concept of FOMO, if you will. ... There is a fear that you are missing out on one of these items that everybody knows about and that everybody is rating four stars and higher that maybe you need.”

Pruitt said because the store offers consumers a look at only what is top-selling, the Amazon brick-and-mortar concept falls well within the coveted experiential retail space.

"I think that they’re demonstrating the experience that we talk about because everything in their store is four stars or higher, I don’t know about you, but I want to go check it out," he said. 

Pruitt heard the store is heading to Frisco, but Amazon is staying mum on the exact location at this time. 

Wherever they go, Pruitt expects Collin County to be in significant play for the new site.  

"I think Frisco is a great place for them," Pruitt said. "I don’t think you can go wrong with Collin County. There are just so many rooftops and so many people out there, and the buying power is significant."