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A Killer Road Trip: The Walking Dead Film Sites


Need a fix of The Walking Dead in anticipation of the sixth season premiere this Sunday night on AMC? Bisnow delivers. Dallas-Fort Worth reporter Tonie Auer took to the road and created a DIY driving tour courtesy of fan sites like Thrillist (among others) to find some of the iconic film sites around Atlanta.

We didn't hit them all, but here are some highlights. First off, the iconic Atlanta skyline featured in Season 1, Episode 1. Alas, we didn't see Sheriff Rick Grimes on horseback leaving the city. But, that's good, because it means we didn't see any walkers, either. (This view is from the Jackson Street Bridge around 170 Jackson St NE in Atlanta.)

Click here to see the slideshow featuring some of the iconic locations from Season 5's Alexandria to the home of the series' hero, Sheriff Grimes.