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Working on the Railroad

Dallas-Ft. Worth
Working on the Railroad
Tower 55
Calling it a critical step to ease congestion and improve safety at one of America's busiest rail intersections, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison announced this month that Fort Worth's Tower 55 rail project has been awarded a $34M competitive grant by the DOT. The project is being undertaken by TXDOT in partnership with BNSF Railway, Union Pacific Railroad, Amtrak, the City of Forth Worth, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, and the Fort Worth Transit Authority. The Tower 55 Multimodal Rail Improvement Project will lay new track, install sidings, and construct pedestrian crossings and overpass bridges. The North America's Corridor Coalition says Fort Worth is the  fastest-growing among the nation's top 20 cities and Tower 55 is the most congested, at-grade Class I railroad intersection in the US.
Kay Bailey Hutchinson
Here's a pic we snapped of Kay on June 28 in the Haynes & Boones offices in Uptown when she was participating in the topping off commemoration of the 400? arch on the $117M Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. She adds that Tower 55 is a critical freight and passenger rail gateway located along a key transportation trade corridor connecting the USMexico, and Canada. It's also become one of the most congested rail chokepoints in the nation's supply chain, she says, with 11 national/major freight and passenger rail lines converging at Tower 55 into a single, four-way intersection. More than 100 passenger and freight trains must travel through the intersection on peak days.